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Published by Paula Pereira on FlyingWineWriter.com

The paper version of Amorim news arrived one month later in February 2016 in The Netherlands which I found quite good timing after the parties of New Year and carnival. The little piece of paper calls my attention by his white-green colours design and large cover picture which I suppose is of Wicanders.

The editorial starts with the words of Nuno Barroca who is Deputy Chairman of Corticeira Amorim. He says that 2015 Corticeira Amorim received one of the highest-ever number of visitors to its units in Portugal. I made a video of the harvest 2008 and production facility, we had good weather and delicious dinner together with Carlos de Jesus and António Rios de Amorim.

The next page talks about the introduction of Helix in South Africa 2015, launched first in 2013 in the world,  from that time receiving several awards as a great wine packaging innovation. Moreover, the 14th edition of the Amorim Cap Classique Awards held alongside Cape Wine 2015, all of the winning wines using cork as added value.

Around the world , they sponsor The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe offering to create the Amorim trophy for the Sommelier of the Year in London. Also in London the Amorim Taster of the Year Award. A little far away in the US, producers promote cork stoppers with the slogan: Any wine worth its grapes deserves natural cork.  In my opinion states ones again the added value of cork,  a concept probably not such massive worths the expensive advertising in California and not interesting to see and even to read due to graphic content and colours absolutely old fashion. Who is reading the small letters of the brands and seeing the cork on top of the bottle?

Continuing with a subject I found revolutionary, makes me think about my mother trying to build a house at the coast of Chile, the Muji concept which means, no brand (Mujirushi) and the value of good items (ryohin). Thanks to the prestigious British designer Jasper Morrisson applied Amorim Isolamentos´expanded cork agglomerate MD facade cork covering the building’s facade of a small house. On the picture, the outside looks so tiny, and supposes to be enough for a short stay. Why is it not suitable for a permanent stay?

Two pages for applications of cork in interior decoration, partnership with Leroy-Merlin a retailer also doing interior decoration, just to name one sector, Amorim presents its products in the framework of the development project of the distribution channel, Do it Yourself.

Moreover, at the end of the list the Kenoscha News with a video of the Astronaut Dan Thomas who thanks the company for its support in developing a material extremely important for space missions. On internet are several papers covering this issue, it is so amazing. They produce P50 a cork insulating solution for spacecraft thrusters.

Finally, Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, in partnership with Enoteca Wine Club,  launches  a Reserve Douro wine en Primeur for the first time in Portugal. From 1 February, 2016 to December 2016, with acquisition at 25% below the market price, each bottle may be purchased for 18 euro. Quinta Nova even won a price as Luxury Hotel of the Year by Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards 2016.

The digital version of Amorim news is available at Amorim, both are static and focus on business articles, they work in terms of applications of cork in a day-to day basis. The development of Quinta Nova and promotion is truly in balance, clearly they focus first on research and development and applications, highly important for the company. In the wine sector with Quinta Nova, Helix and being sponsor of sommeliers and restaurants key markets show their commitment with communication,  in this issue  limited to the US, South Africa and Europe. Which are the projects in China, India and South America in Amorim News? I wait enthusiastically  for the next episode. Why is it just one application project for touristic services? The idea for Torre dos Clérigos in Porto is just the tip of the iceberg.

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