How do you start a wine bar?

By Paula Pereira for

As wine professional my idea behind a wine experience is much more demanded than an average consumer. And if you start a business such as I am trying to portrait, the most important is the entrepreneur mind setting. Which is being in control of the management and make profit. If this two basic elements do not exist, the wine bar would not survive, for the simple reason that it is unsustainable.

If you see all around wine shops and restaurants, probably you will not be back at the wine bar in the short term. Do you really think, that people are going to visit you for a glass of wine? Not, they want something that the rest can not provide, it is not about talking or listening to music. It  has to do with wine experience. For example, when a wine lover visit a vineyard in South Africa, they remember the unique feature of this land, such as Table Mountain, elephants, African food and music, et cetera. It is much more, than a simple table and a wine list. You need decorative details, in others words: personality. You will increase the chance to be on their memory and probably recommend you.

A wine bar has two important components: first it is fun  to return and second it has to answers the questions of the wine consumer. They want to know if you have knowledge of the wines. When you take distance from your client, your personal would eventually manage your business. At this point, you have already visited the wine companies, so that you can clearly communicate their message. Having this step done, the second step is seeing yourself going there as wine consumer. It consist of thinking as wine consumer, for this you need wine certification and advise from people experienced in horeca management. They could tell you the advantage or disadvantage of your idea.

Finally, in my opinion when you have spend a long time analysing the responsabilities; your maximum goal is to chose a name. It has nothing to do with the quality of the wines, or even not with the brand name. I propose a name that firmly describes the wine experience.