What is happening at the Moselle Wine Valley?

By Paula Pereira for FlyingWineWriter.com

Everything is green at this time of the year, the vines are in fruit setting and a despite of the heavy raining and changing in weather conditions during the day, from sunny and hot to raining, thunder and lightning. I think people appreciate the contrast and go outside for a dinner. I stay at the hotel Brixiade which has a unique view to the castle in Cochem. Crossing over the long bridge you get through the little village and walk up to the castle. Over there you can rest at the little terrace and take pictures of the landscape. There you see how people step into a boat for one hour sailing through the river Moselle.

At the hotel,  the price for  two people dinner is about 70 euro, when you do the same at the village, the quality of the food is not bad for 39 euro. The restaurant I visited served traditional German food and wines from the region. I drank Riesling wine in combination with potato pure and liver. While at the hotel the combination was with grill bass. Both simply delicious. I ate at the end apple strudel at the village and ice cream at the hotel with red fruits from the forest.

Gorgeous is walking at night looking at the river, listening at the sound of the water, even a swan couple with their two little young ones decorate this idyllic evening. Later in the night, thunder and lightning. To culminate the night with a glass of champagne, cheese, chocolate and nuts. The temperature stay warm, at the balcony the sounds party starts.

I think you get everything, even you miss people. I feel like going back in the summer for two days, to do exactly the same just it will be crowd, maybe I would not have the same liberty and variety of weather, maybe I ride a bike along the river. Unforgetable opportunity for relaxing your body and mind.

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