The finer things in life and luxury. One-minute presentation.

Created by Paula Pereira for

Thanks you Sirs Adams and Shealy for this wonderful invitation to be your luxury writer and photograph. This video resumes my personal view about luxury and abilities to enjoy the finer things in life.

Charlie Chaplin said,

“The saddest thing he can imagine is to get used to luxury.”

He was a creative person and respected for communicating humour in a context that was not really funny. Surely, If you get used to something means that you adapt or acclimate which is heartbroken because luxury is exactly the opposite of doing all the time the same.

I started to dance classic ballet at the age of 34 because I found luxury to use my strong muscles for high jumps in Grand Jeté, listen to the Vienna New Year’s Concert and seeing ballet presentations. Further, I did travelling the past 10 years by working as wine journalist which gives me the possibility to see the main wine producers countries, including visiting museums, luxury hotels and restaurants. Continuously improving my abilities to integrate in the Dutch society, sharing it with my lover, I succeed the examination for academic Dutch language level, study marketing for Dutch certification and manage my website created for the luxury wine sector.


Yesterday, I saw on Dutch television the travelling experience around the world from Pieter Heerema, in 116 days for the Vendée Globe sailing race . It sounds like a dangerous performance in which the main goal is to weak up emotions, develop life skills and losing the feeling of time. In my opinion, this are examples of the finer things in life.

I would be pleased to work for Thirdhome and will be a great honour for me that you consider me as a candidate.

Thanks you very much.

Paula Pereira