The reality about our communication toward wine consumers

This chapter is dedicated to all people planning the 2018 strategy to promote their wines in the X market. I will talk in general words about the misunderstanding regarding the promotion before and after the inclusion of internet.

The past 20 years have been a rapid and fancy development starting landing web pages, making videos and publishing pictures on social media. Apart from defining the profile of the wine consumer, let’s assume that all this profiles are well informed about the popular brands and most of the time are interested in various issues, the promotional material probably is seen, we do not know if it is forgotten.

On instagram I see that you can instantly buy clothes or tickets to theatre events. Taking in account this short overview, we are dealing with a complex behaviour accelerating the old models to active purchase. It could be that we are doing everything to slowly. I do not know if you have seen windows ads, this are amazing fast. I open my computer and yes, they are. A step before I open any webpage with google adsenses. I am also searching inside the websites of wine of X , and it is boring to see material from about four years ago. It is clear that they cannot create new digital material as it could be. They follow the slow approach, a completely obscure mentality that can not longer survive.

Coming back to the old communication system, they talk about long and short term goals and measurement. The concept now include real-time. A magic word that it is not really appreciated. Following the unlimited apps installed on your smartphone which is a non sustainable device and we hope very soon is on the market something like that. It could be that in the future this world of apps remains at home in place of our bibliotheque. A devise organizing all the apps in categories, much easier and cost less time and energy. What can happen in this situation? Apart from forgetting the promotional material or the words heard by anyone on a shop, we search for any brand and select the one with a special offer. Wine consumption is bad for you even in moderation, yes, check out the scientific reports what is going on and do not tell me that you have not read this things. They promote more the consumption of coffee with plenty of benefits.


At the end, we stay with the loyal wine consumer, this type of person that do not care about reality, and wants to buy this luxury product. They really like to search for information, now where exactly and which kind of information is a real mystery, at least you are a data analyst. They like your pictures on Facebook, and at this moment it is obvious that this is not really the type of information he wants. I am talking about descriptors, history, where to try, where to buy. It is a much more intelligent approach than just adding a picture. Now, the purpose of social media can be planned and used for internal uses in public relations or in promotion. You may decide.

Finally, I want to remember you that because information is right now being process by you, it could be that you do not remember anymore my words, in fact it could be that you will not find any other international wine marketing page like this anymore, and it is right. You will only  remember a few things this day, such as follow me on social media or something like that. This is not my final objective. I really would like that you like my content, even if you never again come back here.

As conclusion, I encourage a faster approach to purchase wine in real-time and invite you to discusse the current scenario of the wine world on