Wine journalist and drone

By Paula Rook for

My drone is specialized in making aerial videos and pictures, is a consumer DJI spark which has a lightweight and gesture detection. The images I am making now are at low altitude and in beginner mode. Buying this drone is making possible extraordinary recording of landscapes such as the vineyards, surrounding vegetation and geography.

DJI sparkDuring the installation of the DJI spark app in my telephone, the vendor explains me several important start steps for safe flight. First he advised me to flight with the help of the Academy, it is a kind of flight simulation where I start the drone without props. I understand that keeping control of my drone is a matter of carefully selecting the direction and distances for flight, if it is going to far I’ll lose control because it moves in the air a couples of degrees which affects my perception of what is right or left in my joystick. Second, my drone does not recognize the leafs of a tree, for that reason  it will not stop while approaching a tree. Third, it can return home by pushing the button on my joystick, what is home? home is the original location,  if I am in a building it will return to the top of the building. Four, and the most important to understand while trying to make shoots over the sea because if you want to land, my drone does not recognize water as ground, so then the registration of the distance to the ground is much bigger.

My first day in the open air starts in a park four kilometers to the airport, the system does not allow me to flight in this area, a 500 m further I could fly at low altitude making shorts moves in the air. The second test day is close to a castle, people walking there react very surprised, even dogs were scare to see my drone. The owner of the castle appears suddenly saying that I may not fly over the castle. I realize that he is a very important person in the area and I missed not taking a picture with him.

dji sparkFor processing the video I use Quik app on my telephone, it makes a beautiful presentation with music which I can download to my social channels.

10 years ago my life was much more difficult processing videos and even making them. Thanks to the rapid advances in this matter I safe hours of time.

In wine the future is everything about saving time, this involves the implementation of technology  from the moment of ground selection to plant to the moment of residuals extintion in the most friendly and fast pro-environmental manner.